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LSYC Siren Friday Night BBQ Races.

The Friday mini regatta’s are being held in conjunction with the Friday Night barbeques.  Check out the signup sheet on the Official Race Notice  Bulletin Board, posted 10 days prior to each race.  Meet-up at 5:45pm. 

This is a fun casual event where we encourage members to have a great time with families, friends, and other club members.

  The requirements are simple: 

  • 1)    One person on board is an LSYC Member (Social or Wet/Dry).
  • 2)    One person on board is a reasonably competent sailor; i.e. we will help match up people who sign up on their own.
  • 3)    “Racers” help ready the boats and leave them ship shape. 

 Thank you, on behalf of the team of Siren volunteers...


 mark your calendar and join us

June 23, 2017

July 14, 2017

July 28, 2017

August 11, 2017

August 25, 2017





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